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2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Practical Nursing (August Class), TC

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My Academic Plan (MAP) - Practical Nursing (August Class)
Degree: Technical Certificate
Major Code: 4660
Advising: Jennifair Ditmanson,Director; (870) 391-3369, jditmanson@northark.edu
Advising Center: M184 South Campus; (870) 391-3115

This MAP serves as a guideline to graduate in 4 semesters. The Key Milestones/Prerequisites listed for each semester highlight significant achievements that must be completed in the degree track. Students who do not follow the four semester plan and/or who do not complete identified milestones may jeopardize their financial aid (if applicable) and/or delay graduation. Please refer to the Northark catalog or advisor for any changes or modifications which may have occurred after the publication of this document.

  • Program Application Required: YES
    Contact Jennifair Ditmanson, Practical Nursing Program Director (see above)

Academic Preparedness

Northark recognizes the important connection between student success and academic preparedness. Students may be required to complete one or more of the following courses before enrolling in college level courses. Summer and/or intercession courses may be required to graduate within 4 semesters. Developmental course credits earned do not count towards degree completion requirements.

Practical Nursing (PN)

This Certificate Program admits students twice a year, starting in August and ending in July, starting in January and ending in December. Classroom instruction at the college is coordinated with clinical experience in the nursing care of patients at the local hospital and nursing homes. Upon successful completion of the program, the student is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses.

To be eligible for admission the student must:

  1. Be accepted as a student in the college (see admission procedures).
  2. Complete and submit the PN Program application by April 15 for the August class and October 15 for the January class. The written application for admission must be renewed yearly. Applicants applying after the deadline will be considered for admission if space is available and they meet the admission criteria stated in the admission requirements.
  3. Have completed the ACT, COMPASS, or ASSET Test and have scores sent to Northark (see College Requirements for Placement). Transfer students must submit a complete transcript.
  4. Must complete all college preparatory classes based on scores on the ACT, COMPASS or ASSET test with a “C” or above before being accepted into the PN Program.
  5. Have official high school transcript or GED scored sent to the Registrar’s Office at Northark.
  6. Have official transcripts from colleges/universities attended sent to Registrar’s Office at Northark. Must hold a 2.5 grade point average or higher for entry into the program.
  7. Complete the prerequisite course BIOL 1434 - Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology  or BIOL 2214 - Anatomy and Physiology I  and BIOL 2224 - Anatomy and Physiology II  with a minimum grade of a “C.” It must be successfully completed within five years of entry into the program.
  8. Have a CNA license and submit it with the application.
  9. Submit a completed health form on the first day of class verifying good physical and mental health which may also include a negative drug screen.
  10. Submit the following immunizations on the first day of class:
    1. MMR - Two MMRs or a positive rubella titer for antibodies.
    2. Hepatitis B series or sign a waiver.
    3. Tdap within the last 10 years. The Tetanus, Diphtheria, Petussis (Tdap) immunization is needed every 10 years to remain protected.
    4. Tuberculin (TB) skin test within the last year. The TB skin test is required annually and must remain current throughout the program. If a negative TB test cannot be provided, a negative chest x-ray must be provided to the program.
    5. Varicella - verification of having chickenpox, a positive titer or signing a waiver must be provided.
  11. Be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) “healthcare Provider Course” prior to entry in the PN Program. Students must maintain certification throughout the program. CPR must be obtained through the American Heart Association.
  12. Students must carry malpractice insurance which is obtained each semester when paying fees.
  13. Students who are offered a place in an entering class must accept by phone or writing by the date indicated on the acceptance letter or the position will be given to the next alternate.
  14. Attend an all-day orientation session prior to starting the program.
  15. Upon admission to the program, the student will submit to a criminal background check prior to clinical experience. Students will also submit to a Federal and Arkansas criminal background check during the last 8 weeks of the PN Program. All persons seeking initial licensure as a nurse in Arkansas are required to undergo a Federal and Arkansas criminal background check.

    If you have pled guilty or been convicted of a crime, you must check this on the PN Program application. If an applicant has been convicted, pleaded guilty, or nolo contendere to any offense listed in Act 1208 or 1999, he/she is not eligible for Arkansas licensure. Act 1208 and 1999 provides opportunity to request a waiver of eligibility criteria related to a criminal background in certain circumstances. If you need additional information, contact the Director of the PN Program and see Standards to Apply for RN and PN Licensure.
  16. Falsification of any information in the application process may result in dismissal from the program.

All PN classes must be successfully completed with a “C” or above, including Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology.

Possible Prerequisite Courses


Students must complete each required course in the remainder of this MAP with a minimum grade of “C” to obtain this degree.


(Students register in the Pre-Allied Health CP and complete the following courses from that degree)

Total Credits: 4-10

  • Students who complete the above Pre-Requisites and have a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Certificate are ready to apply to the Practical Nursing Program.
  • Upon written program acceptance into the program, the following courses are taken. Failure of any class prevents progression in the program. PN courses for the August class cohort must be taken in the following sequence:

Total Credits: 18

Total Credits: 17

Total Credits: 7

Grand Total Credits: 42

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