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2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services

Academic/Professional Testing Center

Housed in Room L119 of the South Campus Library of North Arkansas College, the Academic/Professional Testing Center, Testing Center for short, offers a broad range of computer-based and traditional paper-and-pencil examinations for college  students, professional candidates and the public at large. Since July 2003, knowledgeable, certified test center proctors have used up-to-date software/hardware and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to provide a secure, comfortable, and trouble-free testing environment at the Testing Center. While regular hours of operation conform to the South Campus Library’s hours, students should contact the Center, 870 391-3334, to verify hours of operation and to make reservations. Plan to arrive early to allow sufficient time for testing. Reservations are always recommended for both computer and paper-and-pencil tests, and during peak times - mid-terms and finals - they are required.

The Center provides ongoing student support with a wide variety of academic tests and qualifying assessments. For example, Accuplacer is offered both to high school and prospective college students throughout the year. During registration at Northark, the Center hosts the Keyboard Challenge test, which allows a student to advance to the next typing level upon successful completion. In addition, the full catalog of CLEP (College Level Examination Program) testing is available as well as the entire NOCTI range of assessments, the complete Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) suite of MS Office 2010 exams, and the NATE/AHRI certifications for HVAC students.

Proctored testing for both classroom and long-distance learning programs are also well-supported. Besides offering a quiet  environment for written/computerized exams and make-up tests for Northark classes, the Testing Center also works with The University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, Western Governors’ University, Louisiana State University, Franklin University, and the University of California at Berkeley among others by proctoring mid-term and final exams for their long-distance learning students at Northark or in the Harrison area.

In addition, the Testing Center has been working with both Career Pathways and the State of Arkansas since September 2008 to offer Workkeys testing for the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC). The national CRC is used by many employers to establish eligibility for entry-level hiring as well as in-company promotion. For job seekers, the CRC can sometimes act like an employment passport since it is recognized by major employers and businesses throughout the Continental United States and Alaska. This can be a powerful employment advantage in today’s economy. Most students in Career Pathways will earn their CRC by the end of the program.

Professional certification assures that an individual is qualified to perform a specific job or task. In order to earn certification, a prospective candidate must successfully complete a Certification Examination offered by an authorized professional organization such as NREMT - the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians – which regulates Paramedic and EMT certifications. Professional certification is very common not only in health care but construction, technology, and other industrial sectors, as well as aviation, business, and finance. At Northark, the Testing Center works with a number of test-delivery clients to offer professional certification exams to qualified candidates throughout our service area.

Test delivery clients include PearsonVUE, PSI/Lasergrade, PAN, Kryterion, COMIRA, and CERTIPORT. Over 700 individual certification exams are available from these clients. The professional certification testing they offer includes such diverse certification as: United States Customs and Border Patrol certification, Cisco/CompTIA IT Certification, EMT Basic Certification, Health Fitness Specialist Certification, Cosmetologist Testing, Arkansas Law Exams, Professional Golfers’ Association Officials’ Certification, Crane Operator Certification, Transportation Security Administration Testing, United States Post Office assessments, Social Work Certification, and many, many more.

Advising Center

“Advising is more than schedule building.”

The Advising Center is committed to nurturing scholastic development, integrity, and professionalism by:

  • Empowering students to create and achieve their educational plans.
  • Providing accurate information and guidance.
  • Encouraging and fostering collaborative relationships with the Northark community.
  • Educating students about their academic responsibility.
  • Assisting in identification and integration of Northark and community resources.

Northark STRONGLY ENCOURAGES all students to go through the advising process to ensure transferability of coursework and/or that graduation requirements are met.

New and Non-Continuously Enrolled Students Required to visit with an advisor before enrolling in courses.
Currently Enrolled Students with 30 or More College Credits Optional advising prior to enrolling in future semester courses.
  (including transfer work and current semester credits; excluding college prep courses)  

Personal Counseling

Advisors are available to make outside referrals to:

  • Personal Counselors
  • Community Resources
  • Learning Disability Testing Centers

Advising Center Hours

Regular Hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday-Friday)
Other Appointment Hours Available Upon Request

Advising appointments may be scheduled by calling 870-391-3115 or by visiting the Advising Center. Please contact the Advising Center for additional information or assistance.

American College Testing Program

The ACT and Accuplacer examinations are used for guidance and course placement. Students interested in taking placement exams should contact the Student Services Office for further information.

North Arkansas College has been designated as a regional testing center for the ACT. The examination is administered on specified national testing dates with residual testing available for those unable to take the examination on national dates. Information and registration forms regarding the ACT may be obtained from a high school counselor or the Student Services Office at Northark.

Arkansas Career  Pathways Initiative

Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative (CPI) is a federally grant funded program for parents who desire to improve their employment opportunities through education and/or training. Potential clients/students must be the legal guardian of a child under the age of 21 who is living in the home with them on a permanent basis and are a former or current recipient of TEA cash assistance, or a current recipient of SNAPS (food stamps), AR Kids or Medicaid, or have earnings at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

CPI will provide academic and professional career counseling, remediation in preparation for college entrance exams, tutoring, referrals to outside assistance agencies and coordination with other Northark assistance programs, employability skills, training, and job placement assistance. Career Pathways is also designed to assist with financial barriers such as tuition, childcare, transportation, course related supplies and basic school supplies. CPI believes in wrapping its students with total support utilizing all the resources at hand both on campus and in the communities Northark serves.

Students are invited to see how CPI services can help remove barriers to a better, brighter future. CPI offices are located in suite 201, 2nd floor of the Northark Center Campus at 303 N. Main St. Harrison, AR 72601, or call 870-391-3153.


The North Arkansas College Bookstore is located on the South Campus, near the Bradley Student Center, and on the North Campus in room N21. The South Campus Bookstore is open Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m. and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m.. The North Campus Bookstore is open from 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.. Monday through Friday. The Bookstore offers textbooks, study aids, paper supplies, computers, art materials, clothing, drinks, and food items. The Bookstore accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and debit cards for books and merchandise. Refund policies are provided at the time of purchase.

Course textbooks and course supplies obtained from the Bookstore may only be charged to awarded financial aid with adequate remaining coverage after any tuition and fee charges or to written, non-revocable payment commitments from approved third-party entities. Students will be required to present a valid photo I.D. Bookstore purchases will not be eligible for any timed installment payment arrangement via e-Cashier.

The Bookstore will only issue a refund for a returned textbook during the semester upon class cancellation by the college or official class withdrawal by the student. Any textbook refund during the semester will be subject to the exact same published refund schedule for tuition and fees.

The college and/or external book dealer may offer to buy back a particular course textbook for a discounted price at the end of the semester. However, this buy-back opportunity is subject to selected book editions and determined book quantities for future academic semesters and is in no way a guarantee by the college to repurchase any course textbook.

Career Services

Career services can help each student develop a well thought out career path. The Career Services Coordinator will add value to your educational experience at Northark by helping with choosing a major, planning a career, internships, preparing resumes, finding employment, re-entering the workforce, and preparing you for success. Services will also be offered through classroom presentation, student workshops, job fairs, and community involvement.

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab (DML), located in B209, provides computers to students interested in digital media applications; all have the Adobe Design Premium Suite software for graphic and web design. The computers are available for open student use when classes are not in session in B209.

Disability Accommodations

North Arkansas College is committed to providing equal opportunity and equal access to college facilities, programs and services for all students in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the American Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, and with subsequent state and federal legislation pertaining to individuals with disabilities and their rights. In order to receive accommodations a Northark, a student must self-identify as an individual with a disability with the Northark disabilities coordinator. Students meet with the disabilities coordinator to create a plan of reasonable accommodations tailored to meet their individual needs. All records concerning student disabilities are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Student disability documentation and records of accommodations are kept completely separate from academic records and under normal circumstances are not shared with any persons outside Northark. (Exceptions usually involve danger to the student or another person or compliance with court orders.) To obtain further information on services and policies or to make an appointment, students should contact Kim Brecklein, 391-3338 for TDD call 391-3111, email kbrecklein@northark.edu, or visit M154H.

Educational Opportunity Center

The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) is a federally funded TRIO program serving residents of Arkansas in Baxter, Boone, Carroll, Fulton, Izard, Madison, Marion, Newton, Searcy, Sharp, Stone, and Van Buren counties. EOC is designed to assist persons 19 years of age or older with the process of  enrolling or re-enrolling in any college of their choice. Our EOC Academic Counselors will help with college admissions and financial aid applications, scholarship searches, career counseling, and mastering your finances, as well as connections to other area agencies for additional services not provided by EOC (e.g. GED/ABE classes, Veteran Affairs, Career Pathways, etc.). They travel regularly and can visit with prospective students or agencies anywhere within the 12 county service areas. All EOC services are FREE. The Educational Opportunity Center Office is located in room C207 at the Center Campus of North Arkansas College and is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. after hours and weekends, by appointment only. Call (870) 391-3524 or toll free 1-800-257-8690 or visit the EOC website at www.northark.edu/students/eoc.

Educational Talent Search

Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a federally funded TRIO Program that serves approximately 1600 students, in 29 schools, within a fourteen county area in the northern section of Arkansas. ETS Counselors assist 7-12th graders with career exploration, study/test-taking skills, academic/personal counseling, ACT preparation, college exploration, postsecondary and financial aid information, assistance with the postsecondary application process, and educational and cultural enrichment via field trips. The goal of ETS is to encourage students to graduate high school and enter into a postsecondary institution of their choice. The main office is located in room C305 at the Center Campus of North Arkansas College with satellite offices in Paragould, Batesville, Mountain Home, and Russellville. To contact ETS, call 870-391-3209 or 1-800-257- 8690.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

North Arkansas College maintains a comprehensive program of financial aid for students. Northark has been approved by both state and federal agencies to participate in a variety of financial aid programs. Financial assistance consists of scholarships, grants, loans, and/or part-time employment, which may be offered to students in various combinations, depending upon need and requests. The family and student are expected to make maximum effort to contribute toward the student educational expenses. To be eligible for financial aid, a student must be accepted for admission and meet all eligibility requirements. All financial aid and scholarship checks are disbursed in the Student Accounts Office. A schedule of disbursement dates can be found in the schedule information on the Northark website. The Financial Aid Office, in accordance with the College’s equal education opportunity policy, administers all awards. Application forms and specific details may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

Application Procedure

Applicants must use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list the North Arkansas College school code (012261) as a school to receive the information. There is no fee for the application process and the forms are available in the Financial Aid Office beginning in January. Students must reapply for financial aid each year, as aid is not automatically renewed. Applicants may complete the FAFSA on the WEB at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

In addition to completing the FAFSA, an applicant must complete the Student Data Form, an Application for Admission, and any FAFSA supporting documentation, if required. If the applicant has ever attended another post-secondary institution(s), an official transcript must be sent to the Registrar’s Office. Once all of the requested information is received, processing will begin by the Financial Aid Office. The student will then receive an award notification letter and a copy of the policy on satisfactory academic progress.

All applications should be filed as soon after January 1 as possible to ensure receipt by the priority date of July 1st. Applications for grant aid (other than Federal Pell Grant) received after the priority date will be considered only if money is available from the respective program.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

To receive financial aid, students must:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen with a valid social security number
  2. Have a high school diploma/GED
  3. Enroll in an eligible program as a degree/certificate-seeking student
  4. Be registered for the Selective Service, if required
  5. Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  6. Not owe a repayment on a federal student grant and not be in default on a federal student loan

Federal/State Programs

1. Federal Pell Grant
A Federal Pell Grant does not have to be repaid. Pell Grants are awarded only to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree. To determine if an applicant is eligible financially, the U.S. Department of Education uses a standard formula established by Congress. No eligible student will be denied a Pell Grant. Applicants must complete the FAFSA.

2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
A Federal SEOG does not have to be repaid. These grants are federally funded with each school receiving a fixed amount each year. Funds are awarded to a limited number of undergraduate students with exceptional need. Applicants must complete the FAFSA.

3. Federal Work-Study Program
Federal Work Study provides part-time employment to students who have financial need. Students should contact the Financial aid Office to determine eligibility and for placement procedures. Applicants must complete the FAFSA.

4. Federal Direct Loan (subsidized)
Beginning July 1, 2010, all Federal Direct Loans will be issued through the Direct Loan Program. To apply for a Federal Student Loan all students must complete the current year FAFSA, an entrance interview, and a Master Promissory Note. Federal Direct Loans are assessed an original fee and an insurance fee, and borrowers should refer to the promissory note for details since terms and interest rates may vary according to the date the loan was disbursed. The Federal Direct Loan authorizes loans up to $3500 per year for freshman and $4500 per year for sophomores. Students must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis and repayment of principal and interest begins no later than six months after the student leaves school or ceases to be at least half-time student. The amount of the monthly payment will be based on the total amount borrowed.

5. Federal Direct Loan (unsubsidized)
The Federal Unsubsidized Loans have the same deferments, interest rates, and application process as the subsidized Loan. Independent students may be eligible for up to an additional $6000 unsubsidized loan per year. Dependent students may be eligible for up to an additional $2000 unsubsidized loan per year. However, the student does not have to be financially eligible for the loan and must either pay the interest while in school or have it capitalized for repayment with the loan principal.

Loan Closing Interviews

All first time borrowers, borrowers with a previous default, and those with over $28,000 in student loan debt will be required to schedule a loan closing interview with a member of the Financial Aid staff. Students required to do a loan closing will be notified by email at the address provided on their loan application.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

In order to be eligible for Title IV Federal Aid, federal guidelines require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) while pursuing approved degree and/or certificate programs at North Arkansas College. Regulations require progress be measured with both qualitative and quantitative measures. SAP will be checked prior to the initial period of enrollment and in increments of no longer than half the program length or one year, whichever is less.

Satisfactory Academic Standards

  • For the previous semester of attendance, students must have earned a 2.0 GPA.
  • For any period of enrollment, students must complete a minimum amount of course-work based on the following scale:
    Enroll in 12 + Hours Must complete 8 hours
    Enroll in 6-11 Hours Must complete 6 hours
    Enroll in less than 6 Hours Must complete all hours
  • Students can receive federal financial aid for not longer than 150% of the total hours required for a program (see Northark Financial Aid webpage for list). All courses attempted, including W, I, F, AU, CR and IP, will be counted as attempted hours.

Repeated Coursework: Students can only receive federal aid for a repeated course one time if a passing grade has been earned.

Transfer Students: Transfer students are subject to the same policy regarding length of time and GPA in regard to hours that are transferred to Northark. NOTE: All official transfer transcripts must be received in the Registrar’s Office and must be evaluated before SAP can be determined.

Clock Hour Programs: Academic progress for students enrolled in a clock hour program will be reviewed at the completion of each payment period.

Suspension of Financial Aid

Financial Aid Warning: At the point of SAP review, any student not meeting the minimum GPA or minimum completion requirements will be placed on Financial Aid Warning during the next period of enrollment. SAP will be checked again immediately following the Warning semester. Students meeting SAP at that point will be removed from Warning and placed in good standing. Students not meeting SAP at the end of the Warning semester will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Students will be given a Warning status only once. Failure to meet SAP for each semester thereafter will result in Financial Aid Suspension.

Financial Aid Suspension: Students who do not meet SAP at the end of a Warning Status or students who exceed 150% of the hours for a program will be placed on Suspension from Title IV aid. Any student that withdraws from all classes or completes the semester with a zero GPA will automatically be suspended for their next term of enrollment. If suspended because of GPA or minimum completion, a student must complete a semester with his/her own finances and meet SAP to regain eligibility. If a student has exceeded the 150% timeframe or academic progress reflects the inability to complete a program within the timeframe, the student will be suspended and the only option for reinstatement of aid is to appeal the suspension.

Appeals: Students who do not meet SAP and are placed on Financial Aid Suspension. If the student can demonstrate and provide documentation of unusual or mitigating circumstances, such as serious illness or death of a close family member, may appeal a Financial Aid Suspension. An appeal form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before it will be reviewed by the appeals committee. The appeal must include what has changed in the student’s situation that will allow him or her to now meet SAP requirements.

Students suspended because of exceeding the 150% timeframe will be required to include an academic plan along with their appeal form.

Appeals submitted without supporting documentation will not be reviewed. Students who appeal and are reinstated will automatically be reviewed following the semester of reinstatement. If SAP is being met, the student will be considered in good standing. If SAP is not met, the student is automatically placed back on Suspension. The decision of the Financial Aid Appeals Committee is final; there is no further appeal.

Academic Plans: Students suspended due to exceeding the 150% timeframe will be required to submit a degree plan with an appeal form. The degree plan must be completed by a Northark Academic Advisor. This plan will be used as a guide to determine courses needed for completion of a program. Financial aid will only be granted for courses needed for completion. Enrolling in courses not included in your academic plan will result in your aid being reduced or revoked.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their Major Code is correct with the Advising Office.

Return of Title IV Funds

If a student completely terminates enrollment, stops attending classes, or receives all failing grades or a combination of failing grades and withdrawals before completing more than 60% of the enrollment period, a calculation is performed to determine if a repayment is required. The amount of Title IV aid the student must return is determined by the Federal Formula for Return of Title IV Funds as specified in Section 484B of the Higher Education Act. This law also specifies the order of return of the Title IV funds to the programs from which they were awarded.

Refund/payment to the various programs will be in the following priority within 30 days:

  1. Federal Family Education Loan Program
    (Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan)
    (Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan)
  2. Federal Pell Grant
  3. Other Title IV programs

A repayment may be required when cash has been disbursed to a student from financial aid funds in excess of the amount of aid the student earned during the term. The amount of Title IV aid earned is determined by multiplying the total Title IV aid (other than Federal College Work Study) for which the student qualified by the percentage of time during the term that the student was enrolled. The date used in the calculation is either the date of the complete withdrawal or the date issued by the instructor if a failing grade is earned for nonattendance. If a date cannot be determined, midpoint of the semester is used (50%).

If less aid was disbursed than was earned, the student may receive a late disbursement for the difference. If more aid was disbursed than was earned, the amount of Title IV aid that must be returned (i.e. that was unearned) is determined by subtracting the earned amount from the amount actually disbursed.

The responsibility for returning unearned aid is allocated between the college and the student according to the portion of disbursed aid that could have been used to cover college charges and the portion that could have been disbursed directly to the student once college charges were covered. North Arkansas College will distribute the unearned aid back to the Title IV program as specified by law. The student will be billed for the amount the student owed to the Title IV programs and any amount due to the college resulting from the return of Title IV funds used to cover college charges.

Copies of the refund calculation are available upon request in the Financial Aid Office.

Official Withdrawal
Students who wish to withdraw from a class or classes must do so in the Office of the Registrar by completing an official “Change of Class Schedule” form. Notification from the Registrar’s Office to the Financial Aid Office is made regarding the student’s date of withdrawal. Federal formula requires a return of Title IV aid if the student received federal assistance and withdrew on or before completing 60% of the semester. The percentage of Title IV aid to be returned is equal to the number of days remaining in the semester divided by the number of calendar days in the semester. Scheduled breaks of five or more consecutive days are excluded.


North Arkansas College offers several institutional and private scholarships each year. Specific scholarship criteria can be found on the Northark scholarship webpage at http://www.northark.edu/financialaid/scholarship.aspx.

Scholarships (Institutional)

Presidential Scholarships
Presidential scholarships are awarded in three tiers.

  1. Presidential-Gold Scholarship
  2. Presidential-Silver Scholarship
  3. Presidential-Bronze Scholarship

Athletic Scholarships
Basketball scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated athletic ability and schoolastic achievement as determined by the coaches and the Director of Athletics.

Scholarships (Private)

  1. Agriculture
  • Community First Bank Agriculture Scholarship
  • Cattleman’s Livestock Auction Agriculture Scholarship
  • First National Bank Agriculture Scholarship
  1. Allied Health
  • Dr. Joe Bennett Radiology Technology Scholarship
  • Clara Benson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Ernest H. Cecil Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Albert Hammon Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis - Dr. Ken Siler Scholarship
  • Kiwanis - W.J. Milum Scholarship
  • Lynn and Marie Lair Scholarship
  • Dr. and Mrs. W.C. Langston Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. O.B. McCoy Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. H.D. Meyer Memorial Scholarship
  • Barbara and Thelma Muller Nursing Scholarship
  • Jackson Davis Reeves Memorial Scholarship
  • Jack B. Tennyson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Jim and Gerry Whyte Medical Scholarship
  • Trace Trammell Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Tom Bell Memorial First Christian Church Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Tom Bell Memorial Leslie Clinic Scholarship
  • Veedis F. (Harmon) Jacobs Scholarship
  • Nurse Education of America Scholarship
  1. Arts
  • Arkansas Fiddler’s Association Scholarship
  • H.D. Dixon Scholarship
  • H.K. and Galena McCaleb Vocal Music Scholarship
  1. Athletic
  • Tommy Dale Lawrence Pioneer Scholarship
  • Bitsy Stockton Memorial Scholarship
  1. Automotive
  • Magness Toyota Scholarship
  1. Business
  • Anstaff Bank - FBLA Scholarship
  • Charles W. Dowdy Memorial Scholarship
  • H&R Block Janice Henson Memorial Scholarship
  1. Education
  • Jennifer Green Memorial Scholarship
  • Mike Hodges Memorial Scholarship
  • Millie and Ray Sanders Southshore Foundation Scholarship
  • Boone County Retired Teachers Irma Adair Memorial Scholarship
  1. General (unclassified)
  • ACC Academic All Star Scholarship
  • Allbright-Moore Memorial Scholarship
  • Aunt Vine Scholarship
  • Berry Family Scholarship
  • Cathy and Larry Brandt Scholarship
  • Eva Kay Abney Cantrell and Jewel Marie Abney Howard Continuing Scholarship
  • John O. Campbell Single Parent Scholarship
  • Carol Cartwright Memorial Scholarship
  • Mosco Cash Scholarship
  • Chapter AG, PEO, Martha Milburn, and Wanda Coffman Memorial Scholarships
  • Bradley J. Dearing Memorial Scholarship
  • Drewry Scholarship
  • Garrison Scholarship
  • Garry Family Scholarship
  • Cody Allen Hall Memorial Scholarship
  • Harrison Lions Club Jack Williams Memorial Scholarship
  • Joe F. Keeling Scholarship
  • Kiwanis - Bill Dill Scholarship
  • Kiwanis - J. D. Barnett Scholarship
  • Larry C. and Anita M. Miller Scholarship
  • Nance Family Scholarship
  • North Arkansas Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship
  • On-Course Scholarship
  • Pemberton-Leimberg Scholarship
  • Pepsi Bottling Group Scholarship
  • Billy Ply Memorial Scholarship
  • Horace A. Soper Scholarship
  • William P. and Susan E. Stiritz General Scholarship
  • William P. and Susan E. Stiritz Newton County Scholarship
  • The Triplets’ Scholarship
  • Dr. Frederick C. Turner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Uncle Bockey Memorial Scholarship
  • White Oak Station Scholarship
  • Ernie and Annie Wright Scholarship
  • Henry F. Banka Memorial Scholarship
  • Benita Parrish Keeling Memorial Scholarship
  • Ed Warabow Scholarship
  • Ben Ruff Memorial Scholarship
  • TRIO ETS Scholarship
  • TRIO EOC Scholarship
  • Women of Distinction Scholarship
  • Jesse Myatt Moore Scholarship
  • Polly Jenkins Memorial Scholarship
  • Young Mothers - Circle of Life Scholarship
  • Men of Distinction Scholarship
  • Women of Distinction Scholarship
  1. Humanities
  • Doris Cecil Baker Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Ford Creative Writing Scholarship
  1. Manufacturing/Engineering/Drafting
  • Val R. Bellora Memorial Scholarship
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Scholarship
  • Clyde and Jean Johnson Scholarship
  • PACE Manufacturing Technology Scholarship
  1. Transfer
  • Jane Brockman Gearhart Scholarship

The FAFSA application, available January 1st, is the official scholarship application. The application priority deadline is May 1st.

Other Sources of Financial Aid/Scholarships

The programs listed below are awarded and administered by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Further information and applications may be obtained from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education web site (www.adhe.edu) or by calling 1-800-54-STUDY.

  • Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship
  • Governor’s Scholars Program
  • Higher Education Go! Opportunities Grant
  • Workforce Improvement Grant (WIG)

Workforce Investment Act Scholarships (WIA)

The WIA Program provides classroom training scholarships. Funds are limited and federal eligibility guidelines must be met. To inquire about eligibility, visit the Arkansas Workforce Center or call (870) 741-6874.

Veterans’ Benefits

North Arkansas College is approved by the Arkansas State Approving Agency for veterans and veterans’ beneficiaries who are working on a degree or certificate. Considerable financial aid is available to veterans of recent military service, service members, and members of reserve units. The dependents of certain other service persons may be entitled to educational assistance payments under various programs. All students must follow the curriculum outlined for their objectives since only specific courses may be applied toward VA certification and graduation. Students approved for or receiving benefits cannot charge tuition or other related expenses to their VA benefits. Information and applications may be obtained from the Veterans Coordinator located at the South Campus, the Department of Veterans Affairs, P. O. Box 1280, Building 65, Fort Root, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72115, or by calling 1-800-827-1000 or 1-888-442-4551.


The Student Services Office provides lists of apartments to students. Arkansas law does not allow community colleges to have campus residence halls.

Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center is a drop-in tutoring center on the South Campus that offers free services to Northark students. These services include:

  • Tutoring in Mathematics, Writing, English, Science, and other subjects
  • Use of computer lab and printer
  • Use of laptops, Wi-Fi and wireless printing
  • Individual and group study areas
  • Academic, career and financial literacy based workshops
  • Access to public benefits
  • Free coffee

Tutoring is offered on a drop-in basis rather than by appointment. The Student Resource Center is open from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters. It is located in M154 in the middle of the main building, just across the hall from the Little Theatre. Please contact Sharla Hellen for more information: 870-391-3560 or shellen@northark.edu


The North Arkansas College Library is open to all faculty, staff, students, and community members within the area served by the college. The library staff is available at to offer one-on-one assistance in using library resources, whether print, audio-visual, or electronic. The library uses the Library of Congress classification system for their print and audio-visual collections, and a single online catalog provides simultaneous searching of resources. The online catalog is accessible through the libraries’ website at: http://www.northark.edu/services/library.aspx

The combined print collection is approximately 20,000 volumes, and the library also provides access to several e-book collections having holdings in excess of 50,000 titles. Students and faculty are encouraged to use the inter-library loan services provided by the library for research materials not available locally.

The library receives current issues of more than 100 periodical titles and have earlier issues of many of those periodicals available in online subscription databases. Access to several online periodical indexes, covering current issues of over 15,000 periodical titles, with more than half available in full-text, is also provided. Northark library also offer off-campus access for students and faculty to most of the subscription databases through the campus portal system. Any authorized user of the Northark computer network may access online library materials on-campus. Library staff can provide assistance in using these resources.

The Library, is located at 1515 Pioneer Drive, and is the study and research center for the college. Its resources support the two-year curriculum of the college and provide a variety of services. The materials available for research include books, periodicals, newspapers, microform, and audio-visual items. Over 30 computer workstations are available for student needs, from word processing to online research. Within the limitations of software licensing agreements, student-usable versions of all software taught on campus are available on at least some of the workstations in the library. The library has wireless internet access, allowing users to bring in their own wireless-capable laptops and link to the internet through the college’s wireless service. To provide a break from studying, the library has a Chat Room where students can read current newspapers and magazines, use their cell phones, catch up on their recreational reading, or just visit with friends. The Library also has quiet, well-lighted areas where students, faculty, and community patrons may study.

Photo/Video Release Agreement

North Arkansas College uses photographic, video, and/or digital images taken of students on college property and at college events, as well as quotes provided by students, in publications, advertisements, promotional materials, and audiovisual productions associated with marketing and/or student recruiting.

Currently-enrolled students may request not to be photographed or videotaped by sending written notification to Enrollment Services by October 1 of the fall semester and February 15 of the spring semester.

North Arkansas College assumes that failure to request in writing not to be photographed or videotaped demonstrates approval for the college to use images in its marketing and/or student recruitment materials.

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) enhances the academic success and enriches the college experience of its 200 qualified participants. These participants enjoy the following enhanced or otherwise unavailable services:

  • Scheduled one-on-one tutoring
  • Assigned advisors who help chart each participant’s path to graduation and beyond
  • Assistance with course selection and scheduling
  • Advisors usually available without an appointment
  • Financial information to help participants retain funding through graduation
  • Personal finance information to help participants avoid student debt
  • Equipment borrowing and reserved computer lab
  • Free on-campus printing
  • Cultural activities and trips to area universities
  • Students Supporting Students student organization
  • Helpful workshops and seminars
  • Special online resources
  • Support navigating college offices and resources.

Northark’s TRIO-SSS project is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $317,068 annually. Students who would like to become a part of TRIO-SSS should contact Kim Brecklein, 870-391-3338, kbrecklein@northark.edu or visit M154H.