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2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements

The Associate of Applied Science Degree leads the student directly to employment in a specific career. The curriculum requires demonstrated mastery of skills and knowledge against specified performance standards in a specific area or discipline. The courses within the designated major (a requirement for this degree) include certain established technology core courses. Remedial/developmental education courses are used for placement purposes only and cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements. (Intermediate Algebra may be used to fulfill the mathematics requirement in some A.A.S. Degrees.) The range of hours is 60-72 semester credit hours. Selected health-related programs may exceed 72 semester hours, but should not exceed 80 semester hours unless required by accrediting or approval agencies.

AAS Transfer Disclaimer

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education has requested that all Arkansas institutions offering the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree publish the following general disclaimer:

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is designed for employment purposes and it should not be assumed that the degree or the courses in the degree could be transferred to another institution. While a few institutions have recently begun to accept some courses in AAS programs, the general rule is that courses in AAS degrees are not accepted in transfer toward bachelor’s degrees. Students to whom transfer is important should get assurances in writing in advance and only from the institution to which they wish to transfer.