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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Board of Trustees and College Personnel

Board of Trustees

Kevin G. Cheri R.G. Earnest Chris McNew
Sarah Newman Linda Pledger Scott Miller
Pam Henry Debbie Johnson Don Tomlinson


Dr. Randall Esters
Ed.D., Lamar University
Education Specialist, M.Ed., B.S., McNeese State University
Dr. Rick Massengale
Ph.D., University of Arkansas at Little Rock
M.B.A., Webster University
B.S., Arkansas Tech University
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Dr. Rodney Arnold
Ed.D., University of Missouri
M.Ed., University of Arkansas
B.S., College of the Ozarks
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Richard Stipe
M.B.A., University of Arkansas
B.A., Ouachita Baptist University
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Full-Time Teaching Faculty and Deans

Joshua Alexander
B.A., History, University of California
J.D., Washington and Lee University
M.A., History, San Diego State University
Social Science
Julia Angel
A.A.S., North Arkansas Community College
B.S.E., M.Ed., University of Arkansas
Faculty Coordinator; Center for Teaching and Learning
Kara Arnold
B.A., University of Central Arkansas
Business and Information Technology
Dr. Laura Berry
B.S., Howard Payne University
M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Arkansas
Graduate Certificate in Statistics, UALR
Dean of Arts, Sciences, Business, and Information Technology
Steve Block
A.A.S., North Arkansas College
Collision Repair Technology
Nell Bonds
B.A., B.S., M.S., Arkansas Tech University
Dean of Technical and Outreach Programs
Tavonda Brown
B.S.E., University of Central Arkansas
M.Ed., University of Arkansas
Dean of Student Services
Michelle Buchanan
B.S., McPherson College
M.S. University of Arkansas
Dustin Burleson
Technical Certificate, North Arkansas College
Manufacturing Technology
Tim Coone
B.A., M.A., Arkansas State University
Jennifair Ditmanson, MSN, RN
A.A.S., North Arkansas College
B.S.N., Arkansas Tech University
M.S.N., Grand Canyon University
Director, Practical Nursing
Cynthia Dollard
B.A. Evergreen State College
M.F.A., Academy of Art University
Art, Northark Arts Initiative Coordinator
Salvador Domino
B.S., University of Southern Mississippi
M.F.A., University of Alabama
Charles Duggan Truck Driving
Jennifer Feighert, MSN, RN
B.S.N., University of Central Missouri
M.S.N., American Sentinel University
Registered Nursing
Carrie Geier, BSN, RN
B.S.N., University of Texas Medical Branch
M.S. Ed., Arkansas State University
Registered Nursing
Sherry Gibbany
B.S., M.A. University of Arkansas
Director, Medical Laboratory Technology
Trevor Gibbins, BSN, RN
ADN, North Arkansas College
BSN, Arkansas Tech University
Practical Nursing
Amy Gipson, MSN, RN
B.S.N., Union University
M.S.N., University of Arkansas
Registered Nursing
John Graves
B.S., Excelsior College
Surgical Technology
John Gripka
B.S.E., M.A., Missouri State University
Social Sciences
Chad Hathaway Construction Equipment Operation
Bobby Howard
A.A., North Arkansas College
B.A., School of the Ozarks
M.A., Henderson State University
Health/P.E., Women’s Basketball Coach, Athletic Director
Steven Hunter
B.S., Lubbock Christian College
M.S., Sul Ross State University
Education Specialist/Secondary, Missouri State University
Health/P.E., Men’s Basketball Coach
Dr. Vincent Isakson
B.S., Lewis-Clark State College
M.S., Washington State University
Ph.D., Boise State University
Physical Science
Carla Jacobs, MSN, RN
A.D.N., Indian Hills Community College
B.S.N., Arkansas Tech University
M.S.N., American Sentinel University
Director, Registered Nursing
Danielle James
B.S.E., M.S.E., Arkansas Tech University
College Preparatory
Sherry Jennings
B.S., University of Central Arkansas
M.A., University of Central Arkansas
Chad Johnson
B.A., University of Arkansas-Little Rock
J.D., William H. Bowen School of Law,
University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Department Chair, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Education
Cheryl Keymer
A.S. North Arkansas Community College
B.S., Arkansas Tech University
M.Ed., University of Arkansas
MBA, Southern Arkansas University
Department Chair, Business and Information Technology

Dr. Josephine Kershaw
BA, MBA, Ph.D, Florida State University
Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives
Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation
Grandate Certificate in Human Resource Development
Graduate College Teaching Certificate
Graduate Certificate in Aging Studies
Graduate Certificate in Health Services Policy and Administration

Dean of Health Professions
Melanie King
B.A., College of the Ozarks
M.Acc., University of Arkansas
Ben Kiracofe, MSN, RN
A.A.S. Nursing, Southwestern Michigan College
B.S.N., M.S.N., University of Phoenix
Registered Nursing
Chris LaFata
M.B.A., University of Phoenix
Certificate in Economics, College for Financial Planning
B.S.,  Social Studies Education, Kutztown University
John Levy
B.S., University of Arkansas
Engineering Technology
Nate Light
M.S., Missouri State University
B.S., Missouri State University
A.A., Ozarks Technical Community College
Life Sciences
Michael Mahoney
A.A., Wentworth Military Academy
B.S., M.A., Arkansas State University
M.F.A., University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Drama, Speech
Seychelle Mahoney
B.S., College of the Ozarks
M.A., Southwest Baptist University
Health, P.E., Softball
Valerie Martin
B.S., M.S., Missouri State University
Department Chair, Math, Science and Agriculture
Emily McGee, MNSc, RN
A.A.S.N., Arkansas State University
B.S.N., University of Phoenix
M.N. Sc., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Practical Nursing
Kimberly McGowan, MSN, RN
B.S.N., Arkansas Tech University
M.S.N., University of Central Arkansas
Registered Nursing
Janet McMurrin
M.Ed, Arkansas Tech University
B.S., Arkansas Tech University
A.A.S., North Arkansas College
Business and Information Technology
Paula Melton
B.S., M.S., Arkansas Tech University
Business and Information Technology
Angie Moix, RN
A.A.S., North Arkansas College
Certified Nursing Assistant
Jackson Murray
B.A., University of Arkansas
M.S., Nova Southeastern University
Social Sciences, Academic Assessment Coordinator, Short-Term Study Abroad Director
Rebecca Nicola, BSIS (RT) (R) (CT)
A.A.S., North Arkansas College
B.S.R.T., University of Arkansas Ft. Smith
Clinical Coordinator
Kevin Parker
A.A.S., North Arkansas College Technology
ADHE Certified
ASE Certified Master Technician
Automotive Service
Shelle Patterson
B.S., B.S.Ed., Truman State University
M.S., Baylor University
Dr. Laine Perez
B.A., University of Central Arkansas
M.A., University of Texas Austin
Ph.D., University of Texas Austin
Kim Potts
B.S., College of the Ozarks
M.S. Ed. University of Arkansas
Business and Information Technology
D. Annette Robinson
B.S., M.Ed., Arkansas Tech University
Patrick Schoenhofer
B.S.Ed., M.S., Pittsburg State University
Viancie Sims
A.D.N., North Arkansas College
B.S.N., Arkansas Tech University
Health Education Simulation Center
Jeff Smith
A.A., North Arkansas College
Steven Stanley
B.S.E., Arkansas State University
Welding Technology
Pamela Stone
B.A., M.A., University of Arkansas
Department Chair, Communications and College Preparatory
Sherri Townsend
B.A., Hendrix College
M.S., University of Arkansas
Life Sciences
Dean Vail
B.S., San Diego State University
Engineering Technology
Reynaldo Vargas
B.A., Southeast Missouri State University
M.F.A., Southern Illinois University
Jennifer Usrey
B.S., Arkansas Tech University
M.S., University of Central Arkansas
Jo Ann Walden
M.Ed., University of Houston, University Park
B.S., University of Houston, Clear Lake City
A.A., San Jacinto College
Education and Mathematics
Schan Weisman
B.A., College of the Ozarks
M.S., University of Central Missouri
Criminal Justice
Jacob Williams
A.A., Arkansas State University Newport
B.S., Arkansas Tech University
Director, EMT/Paramedic
Rick Williams
B.S., John Brown University
M.S., Capella University
Information Technologies
Melody Woods, BSN, RN
B.S.N., Arkansas Tech University
A.A.S., North Arkansas College
Registered Nursing
Suzanne Woods, BSRT, RT(R)
B.S., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
M.S., Arkansas Tech University
Director, Radiologic Technology
Katie Woodworth, BSN, RN
B.S.N., Cox College
M.S.N., Western Governors University
Practical Nursing
David Zirkle
A.A., North Arkansas College
Construction Technology

Full-Time Professional and Support Staff

Joetta  Adams Office of the President
Sherry Harris Office of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Jacquie Markle Office of the Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Cherie Conner, Director
Paul Edmondson
Amy Roberts
Julie Garrett
Nancy Wood
Yolande Watson
Adult Education
Jacob Granado Agriculture Facilities Coordinator
Jordan Hunter Athletic Department Administrative Support
Kristin Morgan Arts, Sciences, Business, & Information Technology Support
Jennifer Marshall, Director
Savannah Rosner
College Store
Ricci Dillon
Amanda Eastep
Shari Holt
Monica Speak
Brianna Mortenson
Uriel Harp
Jennifer Boucher
Suzanne Buhr
Business Office
Sam Martin, Director
Eddie Ragland, Officer
Campus Safety
Rebecca Martin, Director
Brittany Harris
Career Pathways Initiative
Linda Tamayo Carroll County Center Operations Coordinator
Julia Angel, Faculty Coordinator
Kelsea Lowery
Center for Teaching and Learning Support
Denna Dillard
Ashley Robinson
Jennifer Scott
Ashley Phillips
Circle of Life
Melissa Bray CTE Student Success Coordinator
Sarah Bing, Director
Megan Issacs
Concurrent and Community Education, Title III
Jennifer Haddock, Director
Jessica Butterfield
Brittany Riff
Financial Aid
  Health Professions Support
Kris Greening, Director Human Resources
Jason Berger
Aaron Bueg
Michael Duggan
Brenda Freitas
Ryan Hoffman
Caleb Williams
Information Technology Services
Mandy Kilbourn, Director Institutional Effectiveness
Sharla Hellen, Director
Michelle Palmer
Anna Edwards
Terri Sparks
Learning Resource Center
Kyle Evatt
Dan Dillard
Chrissie Larchez
Tiffany Setchfield
Scott Howie, Director
Davina Hefley
Teresa Jones
Brenda Roberts
Northark Technical Center
Becky Clary Northark Technical Programs Support

Kevin Somers, Director
Gary Walters
J.D. Downes
Rick Graves
Chris Harris
Travis Harris
Bobby Little
Rick Moore
Maxine O’Brien
Eddie Phillips
Iris Roe
Matt Williams
Felipe Martinez
Melissa Elliott
Kent Terry

Physical Plant

Micki Somers, Director
Chandra Huston
Brandon Cone
Rita Rogers

Public Relations & Marketing
Charla Jennings
Mandy Moore
Joanna Keys
Registrar and Director of Admissions
Grant Davis Simulation Center Technician
Sheila Ogier
Brent Long
Sara Smith
Student Accounts
Rachel Nelson, Director
Dr. Douglas Gere, Advisor
Randy Scaggs, Advisor
Jen Harrell, Advisor
Karsten Leigvold, Academic Advisor
Student Success
Tavonda Brown, Dean
Patti Straub
Student Services
Rose Sims, Director
Emily Akins
Andi Esters
Valerie Brewer
Student Support Services
Pam Richiert, Director TRIO Programs
Christine Rose TRIO Support
Michelle Byler EOC Assistant Director
Richard Criger EOC
Haley Markle EOC
Debra Dotolo EOC Support
Natosha Beaver ETS
Pam Freer ETS Assistant Director
Carol Gilley ETS
Mikayla Hudson TRIO Support
Autumn Raviscioni ETS
Holly Sanderson ETS
Gracie Lenderman ETS
Gracie Hicks ETS
Mary Beth Hatch Workbased Learning Coordinator