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2019-2020 Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Handbook

Grade Changes Other Than Incomplete

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Any grade change other than an Incomplete (“I”) must be completed within the first two weeks of the following semester, excluding summer sessions. After this date any change must be documented and the documentation approved by the Chair/Director, Dean and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and submitted to the Registrar’s Office for the change to be processed. The only basis for a grade change will be an error in calculation or recording. A grade that has been allowed to stand unchallenged for a period of five years is considered final.

  1. A student who feels that his grade has been calculated or recorded incorrectly should contact the instructor, then the chair/director, then the dean as soon as possible after grades are assigned.
  2. If a correction is necessary, the instructor can obtain a grade change form from the Office of the Registrar.
  3. The change should be approved by the Chair, Dean, and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and the form returned to the Office of the Registrar so that the student’s transcript can be corrected.

Grades and Grading

North Arkansas College uses the following grading symbols

A Excellent
B Good
C Average
D Lowest Passing Grade
F Failing
I Incomplete
IP In Progress
AU Audit (denotes a student who registers and participates in a course in the usual manner but does not desire credit. The choice is indicated when registering.
W Withdrawal
P Passing (denotes satisfactory achievement in a course where completion of work is all that is needed. Credits are earned but it has no impact on GPA.)
NC No Credit (denotes no credit earned. It has no impact on GPA.)
CR Credit (denotes credit earned through exit testing, competency testing or for prior learning)

Posting of Grades

Faculty will post midterm grades electronically for students to review.  Instructors must post percentage midterm grades for all students enrolled for concurrent college and high school credit, as these grades will be reflected as nine-week grades on high school report cards.

Faculty will post final grades electronically for students to review. For official transcripts, students should contact the Registrar’s Office.

A 4 quality points
B 3 quality points
C 2 quality points
D 1 quality point
F 0 quality points (computed in GPA)

I, IP, P, NC, W, and AU are not considered in determining GPA.

To compute grade point averages, multiply the quality points of each course grade received by the number of credit hours of that course, then divide the sum of those products by the total number of credit hours for which quality points were earned.   Grades earned in College Preparatory courses are included in the computation of current term grade point average, but not included in cumulative grade point average.


ENGL 1013         A = 4 quality points x 3 credit hours = 12 quality points

BIOL 1004          C = 2 quality points x 4 credit hours =   8 quality points

HIST 2003          B = 3 quality points x 3 credit hours =   9 quality points

PE 1161               A = 4 quality points x 1 credit hour   =   4 quality points

ART 1003            B = 3 quality points x 3 credit hours =   9 quality points

                                                                   14 hours               42 quality points

42 ÷14= 3.0 GPA

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