Sep 26, 2020  
2019-2020 Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Handbook

Conditional Preparatory Admission

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Test scores of all first time entering, degree seeking students will be evaluated for conditional preparatory admission.  Students with an ACT composite score of 14 or below will be re-evaluated with the COMPASS/AccuPlacer equivalent reading score.  All students below that score will be admitted as conditional preparatory (Ability to Benefit).


Conditional preparation admitted students will be required to enroll in a Student Success Program.  The program will require students to:

  1. Sign an enrollment agreement outlining the requirements of the program and enrollment consequences for not meeting requirements.
  2. Develop an individualized degree plan to be signed by the student and advisor.
  3. Attend new student orientation, if offered.
  4. Enroll and successfully complete ORT 1003, College Success Skills or ORT 1021, College Seminar: A Pathway to Success.
  5. Meet with their academic advisor a minimum of two times (after the initial meeting) each semester.


High School Transcripts

High school transcripts of degree seeking students graduating after May 1, 2002 from an Arkansas public school or an out-of-state high school will be evaluated for meeting high school core curriculum.

  • English - 4 units with emphasis on writing skills, not to include courses in oral communications, journalism, drama or debate.
  • Natural Science - 3 units with labs (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics (only one unit may come from Life Science).
  • Mathematics - 4 units including Algebra I and II, Geometry and an advanced math course.
  • Social Studies - 3 units including American History (not Contemporary American History, 1 of World History (not to include World Culture, World Geography or Global Studies), and at least ½ unit of Civics or American Government.


GED, Home School or Private School Transcripts

Test scores of first time entering, degree seeking students who received a GED or are graduates of home schooling or private high schools after May 1, 2002 will be evaluated for conditional or unconditional admission.  Students in these categories scoring a composite of 19 on the ACT or equivalent (AccuPlacer/COMPASS - reading) will be admitted unconditionally.  Those not meeting the test score requirements will be admitted conditionally.

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